Hi, I'm Meredith!

I'm so glad you're here! First, let me tell you a little bit about myself. I'm a huge bookworm, I love watching Top Chef, and one of my favorite places in Southern Oregon is Lake of the Woods. I grew up right here in the Rogue Valley, and in my sophomore year of high school, I marched myself into my guidance counselor's office determined to get myself signed up for all the right electives to get into an ivy league college. Much to my surprise, all the electives that I thought I'd need to take were full, leaving me with the choice between photography and metal shop.

I chose metal shop. And let's just say that it didn't end particularly well, which is how I found myself in a black and white film photography class the next semester. I was sure that I wasn't going to like it at all--I'm a logic person, not an art person. But the first time I stood before a tub of developer and watched a moment that I'd captured come to life beneath the water, everything changed. It was *magic*.

After that, I went on to act as a TA for photography classes throughout high school and college. After I graduated from college, I got married to my amazing plumber husband Justin, and went to work for a non-profit in Medford, Oregon. I loved my job, but after a lot of prayer and way too many late night discussions, I decided to leave the non-profit to stay at home with my first daughter (Lizzy) in 2010. Just before she was born, we bought our first dslr camera, and I jumped with both feet into the world of digital photography.

We've since added another kiddo to our family (Becca), and I've continued to photograph families, newborns, children, and occasionally weddings here in Southern Oregon.  I'm a natural-light photographer, which means that I hold all sessions other than newborns outdoors. My goal is to create photo sessions that are relaxed and fun--you will not find suitcases full of props, ornate couches in the woods, or extensive retouching. What you WILL find is a commitment to capturing simple, classic, and elegant images that capture you and your family, just as you are. I believe that photography is for everyone-- it is a gift that allows us to capture and document both ordinary and extraordinary moments in our lives. Let me help you to create memories that your family will treasure for generations .